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Illustration borrowed from NPR’s article titled As Elite Campuses Diversify, A ‘Bias Towards Privilege’ Persists.

Title and talent.

Illustration borrowed from CNN Philippine’s article written by Julienne Joven titled Does Sex Work Truly Empower Women?

We, as a society, tend to try and reduce the impact of our trauma from years and years of oppression by claiming it as our own.

Illustration borrowed from Amy K. Stanton’s article titled Thinking of Writing a Book During the Pandemic? You Are Not Alone.

No amount of advice, teachings, or practice would have prepared me for what I was about to put myself through when I started writing for the first time.

Illustration from Ginny Hogan’s article titled An Introvert’s Guide to Reemerging in Public When It’s Time.

The line between what is considered good and bad in living in today’s society always seems to be determined by external factors rather than internal ones.

Illustration borrowed from Behance’s article titled The Mystery of Victim Blaming.

Warning: This article includes topics regarding sexual assault and rape that may be triggering to those who have experienced sexual assault or had similar experiences.

Illustration borrowed from NPR Training’s article titled A Good Is Everything — Here’s How To Write One.

I’ve previously written an article discussing what it means to stay passionate about your craft and why we tend to fall back into the hands of uncertainty and exasperation when we are not met with the idealized results and success we fantasized about through our hard work, etc.

Illustration borrowed from Rappler's article titled Who Needs Enemies When You Have a President like Duterte?

It’s always fascinated me how the concept of relatability can fool anyone into thinking someone understands them when in reality, they don’t.

Illustration borrowed from Teen Vogue’s article titled Eating Disorder Content on TikTok Can Be Both Helpful and Hurtful.

Warning: This article includes topics regarding body dysmorphia that may be triggering to some people with body related-issues and disorders.

Illustration borrowed from Caroline Hamilton’s article titled A Narrative of Invisibility: Asian American Activists Step Up and Speak Out.

If you’re Asian, chances are you’ve been westernized in some form or another, and trust me, by saying that, I don’t mean it as a good thing.

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait, April-June 1887. Detail. Coll. Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo.

I think we’ve all grown familiar with the concept of The Tortured Artist, the stock character image that’s defined as a stereotype who is in constant torment due to frustrations with art, other people, or the world in general.

Sarah B.

I live vicariously through fictional characters to make up for my lack of social life, and I also write a lot in my spare time.

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